Nothing is perfect so here’s how to handle issues.

We appreciate you working with us and and supporting our program. With the size of the files are offer for download and the really inconsistent bandwidth for each member we sometimes experience random issues. We hope you understand that we work on every issue that we find and that is reported to us right away to insure the easiest experience available. 

The Download Button Doesn’t work.

With files being so large and bandwidth being hit or miss sometimes our File Preview will time out. When this happens there is no need to worry. This image below shows you where to look to find the Download Icon


How to find the Download Icon

How Many Leads Are Really Available?

We have collected over 400 Million Contacts and Leads from LinkedIn. We update our lists monthly to keep them up to date. This means that the total Leads Count goes up constantly. This includes leads from around the world and is a combined total.

Are there Email and Phone Numbers incluced?

We grab just about every data point we can get from each LinkedIn contact. This results in Email addresses and Phone numbers with many leads containing multiple phone numbers and email addresses. We include Mobile Cellular Numbers as well as Company Office Landlines for the most engagement options possible. 

Can I find these contacts and leads on LinkedIn?

Our Leads include Social Media Account Links when available. This includes LinkedIn Links. You will be able to visit each contact and lead via the profile link located in the lead information.

What Data Points Are Available For Each LinkedIn Lead?

Available Data Points: Full name, Industry, Job title, Sub Role, Industry 2, Emails, Mobile, Phone numbers, Company Name, Company Industry, Company Website, Company Size, Company Founded, Location, Locality, Metro, Region, Skills, First Name, Middle Initial, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth Year, Birth Date, Gender, LinkedIn Url, LinkedIn Username, Facebook Url, Facebook Username, Twitter Url, Twitter Username, Github Url, Github Username, Company Linkedin Url, Company Facebook Url, Company Twitter Url, Company Location Name, Company Location Locality, Company Location Metro, Company Location Region, Company Location Geo, Company Location Street Address, Company Location Address Line 2, Company Location Postal Code, Company Location Country, Company Location Continent, Last Updated, Start Date, Job Summary, Location Country, Location Continent, Street Address, Address Line 2, Postal Code, Location Geo, Last Updated, Linkedin Connections, Inferred Salary, Years Experience, Summary, Countries, Interests

How much does Linked Unleashed cost?

To access the Download Feature we offer 2 options. You can select a Easy Monthly Option or you can select the Discounted Yearly Option.

  • The Current Monthly Special is $14.95
  • The Current Yearly Discount is $99.95

What Format Are The Leads?

Each of our easy to downloadable lists are in a CSV format which is also called an Excel format. This makes it possible to import into almost any Software, System, CMS and Platform available. You can import the lists without having to edit or convert the list. 

How do I open the zip file?

We use a compression format to make each list download extremely fast by making the file smaller. If for any reason that your computer or phone won’t open the downloaded file simply download and install WinZip to open the file for you. You can download and install WinZip for free.

What if a list I downloaded is too large for my PC to open?

We understand that some PC’s were built for other types of processes. Rather than break all the lists into many small lists we decided to make it very easy by keeping them combined for easy download and management. If you find a list that is too large to be opened simple download and install this Free CSV Splitter Tool Click Here. This will help you open any size list.

If the Help above doesn’t fix your issue you can always contact us 24 hours a day through our help form below. We will investigate your issue and provide you back with a Hassle Free Solution to get you back to normal. We appreciate your patience.

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