From Entry-Level to CEO: How LinkedIn Helped a Digital Strategist Get the Top Job

From Entry-Level to CEO: How LinkedIn Helped a Digital Strategist Get the Top Job

How To Be a Real Digital Strategist

Digital marketing strategies have become crucial for businesses, and with the exponential rise of LinkedIn’s popularity, it is essential to leverage the platform for marketing purposes. LinkedIn is not just a job search platform rather it has evolved into a networking tool for professionals. The platform has an active user base of over 700 million users, out of which 55 million are registered businesses. These enormous numbers clearly indicate that LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for marketing and growth, if utilized strategically.

Personal and business accounts have distinct marketing objectives on LinkedIn. Personal accounts can help in enhancing personal brand awareness and attract potential employers or clients. At the same time, businesses can generate leads, create brand awareness and establish a strong customer base. The challenge, however, is to develop an effective marketing strategy that caters to the needs of both types of accounts.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies:

With LinkedIn marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. A digital strategist must understand the differing needs of every client and create customized strategies for them. Some valuable strategies, however, that can be utilized by digital strategists for their clients are highlighted below:

1. Optimize LinkedIn Profiles

The LinkedIn profile serves as the first impression of the account holder. It is, therefore, crucial to create an optimized profile that stands out from the competition and emphasizes the individual’s or company’s strengths and values.

2. Content Creation

Content creation is an essential marketing strategy on LinkedIn. Posting engaging and informative content that resonates with the target audience is a powerful way to bridge relationships and increase LinkedIn reach.

3. In-Depth Research of Target Audience

It is vital to conduct thorough research about the target audience, the market need, and competition. Digital strategists can leverage LinkedIn’s advanced search functionality to find out more about potential clients, partnering companies, or prospective employees.

4. Engage Regularly

Leveraging LinkedIn’s community to engage regularly is an effective way to create a strong brand presence. Engaging with people regularly via commenting, re-sharing, or adding them to relevant LinkedIn groups can be highly beneficial for all types of accounts.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Advertising

It might be possible that the organic LinkedIn reach isn’t enough, and businesses need to leverage LinkedIn’s advertising functionality. LinkedIn ads help in reaching the desired audience precisely and generate leads faster.

6. Host LinkedIn Events

Hosting virtual events, webinars, or workshops on LinkedIn is an effective strategy for businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. These events also provide opportunities to interact with the target audience and create valuable connections.

7. Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements from previous clients or colleagues can build credibility for personal accounts and businesses. Strategists must encourage clients to regularly ask for recommendations and endorsements.

8. Track the LinkedIn Performance

Digital strategists must track every marketing effort’s performance on LinkedIn for optimizing and pivoting the strategy timely.

Leveraging for Maximum Benefit

LinkedUnleashed is an online service that provides extensive LinkedIn leads with complete profile information. The platform offers a wealth of services to maximize the LinkedIn benefits for digital strategists, personal account holders, and businesses alike. LinkedUnleashed has many features and benefits explained below:

1. Extensive Database of LinkedIn Leads

LinkedUnleashed provides access to 500 million LinkedIn profiles via its lead generation service. This extensive database opens up countless possibilities for businesses or individuals to identify and connect with potential clients, partners, or prospects.

2. Customized Search Options

The platform offers customized search options that allow digital strategists to select specific industries, job titles, or geographic regions, among others, to identify potential connections.

3. User-Friendly Interface

LinkedUnleashed has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that streamlines the search and connection process for businesses or personal accounts.

4. Competitive Pricing

LinkedUnleashed’s pricing is competitive and affordable relative to its functionalities. The platform offers both monthly and annual payment options, making it flexible for clients to select a package that suits their needs.

5. Automated Lead Generation

LinkedUnleashed’s lead generation service is automated, which means it continues to work 24/7, even when the client isn’t logged in.

6. Direct Contact Information

LinkedUnleashed provides customers direct contact information such as email addresses, telephone numbers for the identified leads. This feature is a game-changer for digital strategists when strategizing for a client as it helps connect directly with potential leads and prospects.

7. Data Security Feature

LinkedUnleashed respects and protects its client’s confidential data by utilizing cloud technology to store customer information and providing encryption features.

8. Responsive Customer Support

LinkedUnleashed has a responsive customer support team who diligently follow-up with clients promptly to resolve any queries or issues.

Benefits of Leveraging LinkedUnleashed:

1. Facilitates Finding Ideal Leads

Digital strategists, personal account holders, or businesses can benefit from LinkedUnleashed’s extensive database of LinkedIn accounts to identify ideal leads. They can then initiate connections and build fruitful relationships that enhance brand awareness.

2. Saves Time and Allows for Customized Searches

LinkedUnleashed’s customized search options are a time-saver that helps digital strategists drill down to specific LinkedIn account profiles without wasting time.

3. Boosts Marketing Productivity

By leveraging LinkedUnleashed’s automated lead generation, businesses or account holders can focus on core business activities. Digital Strategists can strategize for their clients effectively, thereby maximizing marketing productivity.

4. Empowers Strategists with Essential Data

LinkedUnleashed provides contact information for potential leads, facilitating direct contact via LinkedIn or outside channels. Furthermore, the platform provides valuable metrics such as demographics, company size, and location that assist digital strategists in targeting the ideal audiences more efficiently.

Examples of LinkedUnleashed Features that Enhance Strategies:

1. Target Specific Industries

LinkedUnleashed allows digital strategists to target industries that are most relevant to their clients. The strategists can thus maximize the impact of LinkedIn campaigns.

2. Identify Decision Makers

The platform enables digital strategists to identify decision-makers within the target organizations. This information proves invaluable when initiating connections or generating leads.

3. Geographic Targetting

LinkedUnleashed allows digital strategists to filter LinkedIn accounts by location, a feature that can be helpful when strategizing for businesses or accounts looking to penetrate local markets.

4. Device and Platform Compatibility

LinkedUnleashed’s interface is device-agnostic, which enables users to connect from any device and platform.

5. Automated Reminders

LinkedUnleashed has an automated reminder feature, making it easy for strategists to follow-up with potential leads and initiate conversations.

6. Competitor Insights

The platform provides digital strategists with extensive data on a company’s competitors that can inform marketing campaign strategy.

7. Prospect Lists Creation

LinkedUnleashed’s features allow users to develop prospect lists, providing a clear pathway to identifying and capturing leads for clients.

8. Additional Information

LinkedUnleashed provides additional information such as potential budget size, business type, and the number of employees, facilitating informed and targeted campaigns.

9. Easy Downloading

LinkedUnleashed not only enables strategists to find ideal leads, but it also provides a quick and easy download function, ensuring they have everything they need to execute their campaigns efficiently.

10. Monthly and Yearly Pricing

LinkedUnleashed offers flexible monthly and yearly pricing options, making it cost-effective for strategists, personal accounts, and businesses of all sizes.


In conclusion, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful platform for businesses and individuals to generate leads, create brand awareness and establish significant connections. By utilizing various strategies, businesses can effectively generate and engage with their target audience. However, these efforts can be challenging without having access to a plethora of details. LinkedUnleashed makes the process easier by providing a 500 million leads database complete with profile information and contact information. This empowers digital strategists, personal account holders, and businesses to find and connect with their ideal leads, enhancing their marketing productivity and business growth capabilities.

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