From Change Management Consultant to Company Leader: How LinkedIn Helped me Secure a Promotion

From Change Management Consultant to Company Leader: How LinkedIn Helped me Secure a Promotion

How To Be a Real Change Management Consultant

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for businesses and professionals to connect, network, and market their products or services. The platform has grown into a massive database of more than 750 million members, making it a critical tool for those in change management consulting roles. However, simply having a LinkedIn profile and a solid network doesn’t necessarily generate the leads or sales that individuals and businesses need. That’s where comes in, providing a wide range of services that help companies leverage LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool. There are several strategies and techniques associated with LinkedIn marketing that individuals and businesses can implement when working with, and this blog post will highlight some of the most effective and innovative options available.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Marketing

Before getting started with any LinkedIn marketing campaign, it’s essential to craft a strong LinkedIn profile and presence. Individuals and businesses should focus on creating effective profiles that showcase their expertise and highlight their unique selling propositions. Key elements to include on a LinkedIn profile include a professional headshot, a compelling headline, and a summary of skills and experience. By optimising profiles, individuals and businesses can enhance their credibility, establish trust with potential clients and stakeholders, and ensure that they are easily found on the social media platform.

Once the profile is set up, the next step would be building a network and starting to market skill sets and expertise in various ways. Here are some of the most effective strategies to consider:

1. Promote Thought Leadership with LinkedIn Articles

Creating and publishing articles on LinkedIn is an excellent way for individuals and businesses to showcase their expertise while building their brand and credibility. By leveraging services, companies can use demographic and behavioral data to identify the target audience, which helps ensure that articles’ readership aligns with the client’s unique selling proposition. The service also provides an intuitive interface that allows users to create and publish articles that look professional and are easy to read. The service also allows users to track the performance of their articles, which is vital in understanding what content resonates with specific audiences.

2. Establishing Connections and Engagement with Potential Clients

Finding new clients and expanding professional networks involve having an extensive base of quality LinkedIn connections. It only makes sense, then, to start with growing a strong and quality connection base, as it is the backbone of fruitful LinkedIn marketing initiatives. With, users can leverage their database of 500 million downloadable LinkedIn connections to find and engage with potential clients. The ability to connect with detailed downloading LinkedIn lead information provides rich analytics that can lead to high-targeted pool clients. This approach is useful in helping businesses facilitate a more targeted marketing strategy with a higher probability of sales conversions.

3. Paid Advertising and Sponsored Content

Another effective LinkedIn marketing technique that LinkedUnleashed offers is through paid advertising and sponsored content. These offer several benefits for companies in change management consulting roles. When working with, businesses get to leverage LinkedIn’s extensive targeting options and rich user data to provide sponsored content in front of the right audience. The service also provides users with real-time metrics and analytics that can help identify where to invest further. Furthermore, the service is priced affordably for business of all sizes, making it a cost-effective solution for those looking to kick-start their advertising strategies.

4. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to network, establish credibility, and network with like-minded people. By joining niche groups related to the industry, there are inbounds possibilities that like-minded clients or stakeholders will be present in such groups, leading to quality connections. Increaing membership in niche groups helps increase brand awareness, secure new opportunities and stays on top of the specific conversations happening in your industry. By working with, businesses can automate their engagement with LinkedIn Groups, which increases the chances of finding relevant clients in each group.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful strategy when it comes to LinkedIn marketing, and working with LinkedUnleashed can elevate one’s content marketing campaign. The service offers excellent features that allow businesses to automate their campaigns around the most relevant topics they aim to market. With LinkedUnleashed fully automated systems, clients can secure an ever-flowing stream of content and simplify their content marketing campaign altogether. The streamlined automation creates more time for professionals to focus on their business’s core activities.

6. Personalizing Cold Outreach

Cold outreach can often feel impersonal and artificial; however, provides personalized assistance to make outreach campaigns more productive. Connected with LinkedIn’s user data and LinkedUnleashed’s machine learning algorithms, businesses can cross-match their LinkedIn data to eliminate irrelevant information. The service then works on providing specific personalized outreach to target clients, saving valuable time, money, and increasing lead generation. The service goes above by providing the client with useful tips, how to achieve a more personalized approach, and follow-up automation to increase productivity.

7. Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a targeted approach to achieve revenue growth through personalized and data-driven campaigns. It is a widely successful method to achieve high-bay clients, and LinkedUnleashed offers customizable campaigns that deliver results. High-value businesses prefer relevant messages that speak directly to their needs; that is why LinkedUnleashed provides its users to target specific audiences and deliver a relevant message by using the rich LinkedIn data. This feature enables businesses to achieve a more targeted marketing approach, which increases customer retention and improves the overall quality of leads generated.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that is offered by LinkedUnleashed, which helps businesses generate leads quickly and efficiently. The service provides an intuitive interface where users can filter by job title, industry, company size, and specific LinkedIn groups. The result is a refined list of high-converting leads that can help professionals focusing on their core activities. The information-rich lead database that LinkedUnleashed offers through LinkedIn Sales Navigator ensures businesses can find leads who align with their unique selling proposition.

9. LinkedIn Retargeting Ads

Another useful LinkedIn marketing feature that provides is LinkedIn retargeting ads. The service automatically targets ideal clients and triggers the LinkedIn advertisement when they view a specific LinkedIn profile. This approach is highly effective because it ensures that marketing campaigns are targeted, which means businesses are not wasting time or resources promoting ads to disinterested parties. This feature is particularly effective in boosting customer retention, promoting brand awareness and attracting relevant stakeholders to introduce to your network.

10. LinkedIn Campaign Management

Finally, one of the most important services to consider is campaign management. The platform offers an automated process that allows businesses to run 24/7 marketing campaigns without breaking their bank. The service works, monitoring campaign effectiveness, providing highly targeted search capabilities, and offers analytics that businesses can use to evaluate their campaigns success. The platform is suitable for businesses looking to achieve larger campaigns or scale their growth, making it a one-stop-shop platform for customers.


In conclusion, leveraging LinkedIn as a means to achieving business targets will benefit change management consultants in several ways. LinkedIn is known for its ability to establish credible networks, locate high-converting leads, increase brand awareness and boost customer retention rates. This blog post has highlighted ten effective LinkedIn marketing strategies that businesses and professionals can utilize in their canvassing initiatives. These include content marketing, personalized cold outreach, advertising and sponsored content campaigns, among others. Working together with, businesses can take advantage of these marketing strategies to achieve their business goals. By leveraging their extensive database of 500 million downloadable LinkedIn leads, gives individual consultants and businesses the power to get specific, fine-tune their campaigns, and match their unique selling propositions with the right audience. Embarking on LinkedIn marketing campaigns backed by services, businesses assure themselves in their quest for growth and profitability.

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